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Trust and Hardworking - Search engine genie's Way of life

Our boss Mr.Vijay has been with us throughout the growth period of our company. He has only one style of working. Regardless what we are paid we do quality work for all clients. Search engine genie follows the same principle what Google used to do. We follow don't be evil policy. reflects what type of work we do in our company. Search engine genie is not behind money yes we need money to survive in this competitive industry but we don't care we give best for everyone we work for.

Our quality level remains the same for clients paying 100$ month to 12000$ a month. Everyone is treated the same way. When a client is not happy we do our best to satisfy him with promises that we can deliver the results. 99% of the cases we delivered the results but if a client is not satisfied we offered him more work. One of recent client was not happy with results we immediately offered to work 3 months for free and within a month he was happy with our results. He never asked us to work for free anymore. Search engine genie follows strong quality control principles in working premises. We follow best work ethics and strive to give best customer satisfaction. Working hard is only one side of the story getting the best out of our work is the primary stuff. We do both successfully.

Search engine genie respects client's privacy. We never disclose our clients unless we get approval from client to be disclosed on our website or used for reference. Certain clients we sign NDA and we never disclose their name online or by any means. Search engine genie is ever exploring areas to provide best service to customers and bring out ideas that will make this world of internet a successful and wonderful world to be. Search engines are good to people and we at are good to the search engines. Search engine genie prefers it is important to keep a mutual understanding between the search engines and the seo companies. We do our best to achieve 100% approval rating from search engines.